Key Principles



Our core principles give you a glimpse of the process in which we are able to measure key result areas.   The church is a place where believers are able to come together corporately to learn and grow into mature, stable, prepared believers for the days ahead. 


Our Vision (Where We Are Going)

The vision of Lakewoods Christian Center is to connect people to God and to others.


Our Mission (Why we are here)

The mission of Lakewoods Christian Center is to draw people to Jesus Christ and encourage their development in God’s family.


Our Goal (What we are doing)

The goal of Lakewoods Christian Center is to connect, disciple and train individuals to impact themselves, their family and their community.

We are committed to Christian fellowship, ministry and the worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Our focus is to guide believers to be successful in three areas of life:

Spirit - Grow in God’s Word by the working of the Holy Spirit

Mind – Learn Socially, Intellectually and Emotionally

Body - Grow Physically and Financially