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Women's Ministry "Keepers of the Fire"

Welcome to the “Keepers of the Fire” Women’s Ministry of Lakewoods Christian CenterThis is an exciting season for our Women’s Ministry. We strive to provide a solid foundation of prayer, Bible study, mentorship and leadership for the diverse needs of our women. 


“Keepers of the Fire” Women’s Ministry are: 

  • Women in Prayer
  • Women in Bible Study
  • Women in Fellowship
  • Women in Service


We as women have a purpose from God to nurture, support and help.  Together we discover our roles, uncover the power within us through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit while learning to seize the opportunities set before us.


Ladies, our life doesn’t have to be boring.  When you belong, when you connect, when you serve, you become vessels of God’s creative humor and workmanship.  We need each other, so let’s make it happen!

Welcome to the Oasis

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